Honestly, I’m in love with this supplement

I went from dark brown to platinum and ended up with damaged hair, it literally looked like a mess. It used to be up to my waist before and I was so proud of it, but I had it cut close to shoulder length. It was honestly a disaster for me, I totally hated the look but I had no choice.

So I was looking for something that would help my hair grow out faster. Out of all products I checked out Nutrafol looked like it was the most professional. I’m not questioning the fact that it’s very expensive but I always thought quality had a price and I’m not sorry for buying it.

Long story short, my hair is now close to my bra line and it’s been like 4 months. It’s true that mine grows fast in general (I can compare myself with some of my girl friends). But I still feel like it’s a big progress.

If you had such great results with Nutrafol, I think it’s best to keep using it (especially if you afford it)

So folks, Nutrafol really works, don’t question it! Many people will say it’s useless and expensive but it’s definitely not. I admit it’s not cheap but it’s so worth the money. If you can afford it, it’s the best hair supplement ever.

Nutrafol is a supplement I personally like – as I also had positive results with it. That’s why I included it in my top recommended hair supplements for 2019.

However, it’s not a product I recommend as a first alternative for one reason: price. I’m not saying it has a low quality or anything like this – it’s actually extremely professional, that’s for sure. But paying $90 per month is way too expensive, if you ask me.

If you afford that, it’s great – keep using Nutrafol. But most of us could not afford such a high price for month (because you have to use it at least 3 months, not just 1). That’s why I don’t really recommend Nutrafol (unless to people who want a famous brand and are willing to pay for it).

My top recommended supplement is called Folexin and it costs $25 per bottle normally. I used it as well as Nutrafol and had about the same results with each. Since there’s a $60 difference between them and about the same effect, I couldn’t possibly recommend Nutrafol.

I also know a lot of people compare it with Viviscal, loveagain which is another famous hair brand. Viviscal is also fine, especially since it’s a bit cheaper. But it’s still expensive for a hair supplement, at least in my view. So I would still prefer Folexin to both. But that’s just a personal choice, it’s up to you what you choose.

Would you recommend Nutrafol as your top pick if it was cheaper (say 40 bucks)? What is the difference between it and Viviscal (which I know is cheaper)? And do you think that if I use Nutrafol for women, regular version, I would see weaker results than if I used the menopause version? Thank you in advance and I hope I did not bother you.

Thank you for asking those questions actually, there might be some other people interested in them but they simply don’t have enough courage to ask them

1) Nutrafol has a strong formula, a clinical trial behind and it’s produced by a brand with a great reputation. These are the main reasons why I would recommend it. As you already know, price is the main reason why I would not.

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